Thursday, January 6, 2011

Travel Blog Software

Heureca, I have published my first open source project! Look here

It's a blogging software designed to write a travel blog. A travel blog that runs everywhere and independent of a commercial service. It's implemented with the Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

Features: What you don't easily get with standard blogging solutions...

  • Runs anywhere. Your blog can be stored on a simple free web space provider or run from your local hard drive (i.e. no application server or database needed)
  • You're not dependent on a commercial service to store your postings, pictures and videos which may shutdown at some point in the future. Your travel experiences will be available forever.
  • You could even burn your blog on DVD!
  • You can store pictures and movies in perfect quality.
  • Google Earth integration! You can store geo coordinates for each blog post. You can then display your journey on a map.
  • Possibility to write private entries which are not visible to anyone (not even the server admin).