Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Access Linux desktop applications remotely - fernapp open sourced

Are you looking for an easy way to access Linux desktop applications (for Gnome, KDE, ...) remotely? The fernapp software makes it possible to run a GUI application on a headless server and access it from anywhere via web browser!

On the server all you do is:

./ libreoffice

Download the software here (available as source code and binary):

The current implementation of the web browser client is using a Java applet. A HTML5 client will be developed in the future. A prototype iPad app has also already been implemented.

I initially developed this software as a part of my master's thesis, which eventually evolved into the start-up The fernapp software has now been open sourced under the GPL license.


Anonymous said...

Where can i find information about security and user administration of fernapp?

Markus Kramer said...

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of documentation at the moment. Security is best guaranteed at this point by using a SSH tunnel.

Not sure what you mean with user administration. You can run the server under any Linux user you like.

Unknown said...

Installed and working perfectly, Please guide me how to share libreoffice document to other users . I see share & exit id disabled in the browser. Please help..

Markus Kramer said...

Hi. Thanks for the feedback! These buttons are not functional right now. Sharing should be possible by opening the same URL in another browser. Did you try that? Hope that helps.

Please post further comments/questions to

Unknown said...

It would be a good idea to integrate fenapp ownCloud.
Very good project. Congratulations.